First Rule: Have Fun

When The River Is Low Our Short Run Offers The Best Water Level For Tubing On The Nashwaak River!

Rules and Suggestions for
John's Village Toobing (Tubing)



                      Absolutely No Glass or Styrofoam
                              is allowed on the river
                            Nor on the Tubing Property

                      Glass once broken is an enemy to everyone

                     No Styrofoam or Foam - (Hazardous to Wildlife)

                                       DISPOSE OF YOUR GARBAGE

       Please pick up after yourselves and others. The salmon will come back.


                                 THE FINE FOR LITTERING IS $1,000.00

              Impaired driving is much more. Have a designated driver!

              Please Respect the “NO Trespassing” Signs (No means No)

            Enjoy the Rivers Beauty and the Experience. Watch for wildlife

                            Watch your profanity…There are kids present.


      If you cannot swim, Let Us Know! We have Life Jackets we offer free of charge.

                Eyeglasses should be attached to you in some fashion.
      You don’t want to lose them and the fish can see just fine without them.

                    Wear water shoes or sneakers that can get wet.
                                  Don’t Lose Them Either.
                The salmon don’t like smelly shoes in their bedroom.

     Bring sunscreen for UV protection (SPF 60 (At Least) SPF 90 recommended).

    Get off of the river if there is a thunderstorm, especially if lightning is present…
                                     We will be out looking for you!

             Park your keys on our key board in the Office, not in the Nashwaak.
         Electronic keys should never get wet and are very expensive to replace.

           After Hours: If you need us, we live across the road in the old farm house.
                                Civic # 991 Phone Number is 461-7112.
                                         Ask for John or Tammy.

NOTE: John’s Village Toobing (Tubing) Ltd. cannot be held responsible for any property         lost, stolen, or damaged. (eg. cell phones, radios, cameras, jewelery, etc.)

                    Don’t take anything on the river you can't afford to lose.


John’s Village Toobing Ltd is not responsible for any injuries on tubing properties or on the river.  Please be aware that this is an un-guided trip on a natural waterway with inherent risks. Risks include and are not limited to:
Sunburn, sun poisoning, heat stroke, dehydration, cuts, bruises, scrapes, allergic reactions, fractures, dislocations, broken limbs, and drowning/death.

There are no life guards on duty.
Tubing can be dangerous.


All tubers agree to participate at their own risk! Everyone must sign a disclaimer.
Parents are responsible for their own children.
If you cannot swim, let us know. We have life jackets available free of charge.
Please Note:

All tubers must be responsible and bring all their garbage back with them.

The fine for littering is $1,000.00.

The fine for impaired is much more.

RCMP may be patrolling the river at any time.

Bring a designated driver if you expect to drink.



992 Route 148 Hwy
Nashwaak Village
New Brunswick
E6C 1N2
 (506) 461-7112 

11:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Last Run @ 4:00

Johnny U's Canteen
Everyone is Welcome
Monday to Friday
Saturday and Sunday
Closed on Heavy Rain Days


Tube Seat
Lighter, Easy to Carry
Ideal for Children
Children: $9.50 
Adults: $12.00